By Still Waters

By still waters,

I saw afresh the beauty of this world.

By still waters,

I heard again the harmony of nature.

By still waters,

I felt anew the spirit of this world.

 And by still waters I gave thanks,           

For the time,

For the place,

And for the privilege.


And by those still waters,

I knew that I was

Part of that beauty,

In that harmony,

And of that spirit,

And I gave thanks again.

                                                                                                          Graham Forbes   © 1987


Author’s Thoughts

I wrote this in Tignes, a ski village above Val- d’Isère in southeastern France. I was on an extended trip by myself after twenty years of working in high profile, high pressure jobs. This was my time to do things just for me, and to reflect on my life and my future. The pictures above are of the lake in Tignes that I was walking around after quitting ski-ing because it didn’t seem too smart to ski by myself in near white-out conditions on a mountain that was unknown to me. It was a grey day and I was rather despondent as I walked aimlessly along a path. I was paying little attention to the scenery, when for some reason I turned to look across the lake, just as a gap opened in the clouds and the sun shone directly onto the lake and across to where I was. It was a moment when everything seemed connected and beautiful, and I was in it. I drank it in, and as the sun disappeared again, I walked on with spirits lifted and the words of a new poem filling my mind and bursting to be written.

Did this new sense of connection and the beauty of the world stay with me and colour my life from that moment on? No, and that’s not how life is, but the memory stayed, re-inforced by the words I wrote. On this journey of soul purpose awareness, sometimes our glimpses of who we are unexpected and brief, but those moments carry with them the seeds of an awareness that there is a bigger picture than the daily issues that occupy our thoughts, and narrow our consciousness.

Perhaps we would do well to reflect on those moments so that we don’t miss the next moment of connectedness that crops up unexpectedly in a mundane day, or a troubled time. This is where our strength and wisdom may come from. And when a moment of magic occurs, don’t forget to say “thank you”. You don’t even have to think about who you are thanking, just the expression of gratitude may help to strengthen your consciousness of who you are, and what it feels like to be “on soul purpose“.

I hope you have had many moments when you have felt your connection and belonging in a beautiful universe.

Graham Forbes


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